Farm Diary

Welcome to the diary of Nine Kids Farm! Here we'll keep you updated on the latest happenings at the farm. We'll try to get everyone to contribute something so you can learn about the farm from the kids' and adults' perspectives. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about what and why we do things that you would like to see us discuss, we'd be happy to share. Also, if you've heard rumors of something crazy Papa did (like the time he put a sheep in the back of Mama's van) and you'd like the official story, just holler!
Farm Diary
  • May Newsletter and Open House

    We hope you are having a wonderful spring so far! School has ended for the summer over here (except for the ubiquitous math) and we are in full swing with spring activities. We have all remembered how hard it is to get moving again after a long and somewhat sedentary winter! So, we will update everyone on what is happening with all of the animals on the farm, as well as some special events including an open house on June 4th. Animals first, as they are the focus of so much activity.

  • Spring in January

    As the east coast was getting pounded by superstorm “Jonas”, we had a mild thaw with temperatures in the 30s. After days of overcast, cold, dreary weather it was a sunny glorious day. So, we went about doing some chores to get ready for the certain return of cold weather and the imminent birth of baby lambs.

  • Martha's Blanket

    Great Grandma Gladney (Mama’s Grandma) would always crochet us kids a baby blanket, however, recently this task has fallen to me….

  • How to find a cheap chest freezer

    We’re pretty good at coming up to random people and asking them if they’d like to buy a pig, lamb, or some other animal. Once they realize that we don’t mean a living animal, they relax and then admit that they don’t have the freezer space for a year’s supply of meat. If you’re one of these people, then you really need a stand alone freezer.