Great Grandma Gladney (Mama’s Grandma) would always crochet us kids a baby blanket, however, recently this task has fallen to me….

Mary, Martha, and the blanket

These blankets are from a pattern that she thought up where you go around in a sort of spiral doing three stitches to make corners. This makes them prettier (I think) than other crocheted blankets. Great Grandma Gladney taught Mama how to make these blankets and Mama taught me. I made one for Peter and a cousin of ours, but I didn’t really like Peter’s so I decided to make Martha’s better yet.

About a month before Martha was born I finished her blanket. I had asked each person what their favorite color was and gave each person a section of that color. It had Martha (a mix of yellow and blue) on the inside then a row of yellow (Mama) after that was a section of blue (Peter) then Mama’s yellow again. following that was a section of darker blue (Jacob) then Mama’s yellow again next we had a lovely shade of lavender for Ruthie then Mama’s yellow…again. So next comes a lightish shade of grey (John) then…Mama’s yellow, Joe (of course) wanted camo but Mama said no that wouldn’t be proper. This is (as usual) followed by Mama’s row. Now there is Patrick’s lovely yellow-green section complemented nicely by Mama’s yellow, then there’s my white section which is possibly the brightest section, then we have the last of Mama’s rows, followed by Papa’s dark green section. The idea is that we all are wrapped around Martha like the layers of the blanket and we all protect her and the ones younger than us. Of course Papa protects all of us. Mama however is the one that binds each individual of us together and if she were taken away we would unravel (like the blanket).

If someday this ever becomes Nine Kids Farm or I have kids of my own I will probably make them a blanket and I hope that they will cherish it as much as I cherished mine.

I hope you have enjoyed this diary entry.

Mary Schloss

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