Raising adults since 2000

About us

In 2009, Pat and Sarah Schloss moved to Webster Township, Michigan nestled between Dexter and Ann Arbor with four kids and no experience raising livestock. The number of children and our love for the ever growing number of sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, cats, and dogs continues to grow. We have become quite proud of our ability to provide our family and people in our community with an all-natural source of meat from animals raised the way you would expect them to be raised. The responsibility and camaraderie of raising animals has also proven to be an excellent approach to nurturing our children to become responsible and compassionate adults. We produce meat, eggs, and wool products year around and would love to serve your family.

What we offer

Our farm specializes in producing meat, eggs, and wool from a diverse collection of animals that are raised without the use of growth promoting anitibiotics or artificial hormones. Be sure to check out our animals and husbandry practices to learn more about the breeds of animals and how we raise them. We are happy to sell meat by the cut as well as by the whole, half, and quarter animals. Many are overwhelmed by receiving cuts of meat that they've never cooked. Be sure to check out our collection of family favorite recipes. The kids also love making wool products that are always for sale and can be made to order. More than anything, we hope to offer members of our community an experience that improves their well-being. Contact us if you would like to get something from our farm.

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